What is ICBO One?

ICBO One is the result of the coming together of a group of international Behavioural Optometry associations to form a single entity with the aim of supporting and further strengthening Behavioural Optometry and Vision Therapy worldwide. Although ICBO has its own identity and structure, at no time is it looking to take the place of, or compete with its partner organisations.

ICBO One Objectives

  1. To share information and resources among the associations with a spirit of mutual benefit.
  2. To develop strategies and resources for overcoming linguistic obstacles.
  3. To act with a collaborative spirit with all the organisations working on the same footing.
  4. To create an environment conducive to sharing, learning and developing.

The ICBO One APP, the connection between behavioural optometrists from all over the world

As one of the member organisations of this marvellous international project called ICBO One, SIODEC has the honour of announcing a new tool for its associates: the ICBO One application for smartphones and tablets.

The purpose of this tool is to promote contact among the large family of behavioural optometrists on a worldwide scale. The APP enables all the members of the associate organisations to work online, share information and learn together in a way that not so long ago would have been unimaginable.

Furthermore, ICBO One is a platform on which ICBO associates can stay up to date with all the latest events as it contains the applications of the congresses and events organised and held by each association. What this means is that instead of downloading a new application for each event, the same one can be used every time: ICBO One.

ICBO One is the official application for mobile devices for the members of the ICBO partner associations thanks to the generous sponsorship of companies such as Hoya, Eyecarrot, Goodlite and Vivid Vision.

Join ICBO One and form part of this worldwide community of behavioural optometrists! Download the APP onto your smartphone or tablet from Google Play or the App Store, and enjoy the energy and the spirit of togetherness of all the world’s professionals (if you don’t happen to own an iPhone or iPad, and you don’t have an Android device either, you can access the APP via your PC, BlackBerry or Windows Phone by clicking here). Once you have downloaded the APP, you can obtain your user name and password for accessing it by sending an email to info@siodec.org.

We’ll be in touch on ICBO One!

Organisations which belong to the ICBO Partnership:

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