We don’t all have to enjoy the same thing but we need to support each other and not be afraid to collaborate with each other and learn from each other

Interview with Nancy Torgerson, OD, FCOVD For all those who don’t know you yet, what drove you to Optometry? I was interested in medicine in high school. The summer before my sophomore year in college, I worked for a husband and wife team at an optometric practice in downtown Seattle. Doctor Bonnie Beals Hall told […]

Adam Cegielski: “The passion for Behavioral Optometry, and the growth of this field in Spain, has not been seen in any market around the world. “

Adam Cegielski is Founder, President and CEO of Eyecarrot. Adam Cegielski is an entrepreneur with a background in biochemistry and global business experience spanning over 20 countries on 5 continents. His journey to revolutionize vision science through technology and data began with his son’s struggle with early developmental issues – reading, writing and basic motor […]