Dr. Marc Taub: “We must write up what we do in journals related to Optometry as well as other professions in which we interact”

The renowned American Optometrist, Dr. Marc Taub, is an Associate Professor and Director of Visual Therapy and Rehabilitation Services at the Southern College of Optometry. He also teaches Visual Therapy, is an active clinical researcher and the supervisor of the Pediatric and Vision Therapy Residency. Dr. Taub has great recognition in the editorial field and […]

Dr. Jan Richard Bruenech: “European Optometrists need to impress the decision-making politicians, not only their patients”

The prestigious Dr. Jan Richard Bruenich is the Director of the Biomedical Research Unit and Professor of Ocular Anatomy at the Buskerud University College in Norway. Dr. Bruenech is one of the excellent international speakers who will participate in the VI International Congress of Behavioral Optometry and Visual Therapy, organized by SIODEC in Granada from […]