How to apply?

To join SIODEC please complete the form below and we will contact you:



SIODEC offers you the chance to form part of a project designed to foster GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT as well as to DISSEMINATE knowledge about BEHAVIOURAL OPTOMETRY by:

  • Supporting research relevant to Vision Science, Developmental Optometry and Behavioural Vision Therapy techniques.
  • Providing training for its members via meetings, seminars, conferences, round tables, forums, distribution lists, courses and international conferences by collaborating with other optometry associations and different professionals.
  • Organizing talks and lectures.
  • Interacting with other public and private institutions nationally and internationally.

SIODEC offers the following membership categories:

1. General Members: Optometrists and professionals in the field of Optometry and Vision Therapy (speech therapists, pedagogues, psychologists and teachers) as well as any other individual who wishes to belong to the association.

Requirements: the application form must be completed and the corresponding membership fees paid.

2. Clinical Associates: Optometrists who satisfy the following requirements:

  • Those who have been a member of SIODEC in good standing (i.e. fully up to date with membership fees) for the last two years.
  • Have accrued at least 2 years’ experience in the fields of Optometry and Behavioural Vision Therapy.
  • With regard to training, a minimum of 200 hours training over the last 5 years is required, broken down as follows:
    • With regard to training, a minimum of 200 hours training over the last 5 years is required, broken down as follows.
    • 140 hours of Development and Cognition from the following:
      • Motor Development (mandatory: a minimum of 20 hours)
      • Visual Perception (mandatory: a minimum of 20 hours)
      • Vision Therapy (mandatory: a minimum of 20 hours)
      • Other areas such as pathology, hearing, nutrition, etc. (optional)

Full details of how to become a Clinical Associate of SIODEC can be found by clicking on this link este enlace.

3. Research Associates: Must provide evidence of having taken part in research into Vision Therapy or Optometry in the three years prior to applying. Applications must be approved by the Board of Directors.

4. Students: those currently studying for a degree in Optometry at any public or private university offering this degree.

1. General Members: must be up-to-date with membership fees.

2. Clinical Associates: must have undergone, at least, 20 hours continuous training in the last year, or 60 hours continuous training over the last three years.

The following are considered appropriate training areas:

  • Behavioural Optometry
  • Vision Therapy
  • Strabismus
  • Amblyopia
  • Vision and Development
  • Learning difficulties associated with vision
  • Cognitive Perception
  • Head injuries
  • Ortho-k

The following will also be taken into account:

  • Training not specific to Optometry: learning, psychology, neurology, motor development, pedagogy…
  • Research.
  • Teaching in Optometry and/or Behavioural Vision Therapy.

Scoring criteria:

  • 10 hours (maximum) of training not specific to Optometry over the last year.
  • A maximum of 15 hours of research, papers and teaching.

3. Research Associates: must present a research project associated with Vision Science, Optometry or Behavioural Vision Therapy, every three years.

4. Students: must certify their status as students otherwise they will become General Members.

Category Fee
Clinical Fellow: 140 €
General Member: 100 €
Students: 0 €