The European Academy of Syntonic Optometry (EASO) is a non-profit making association dedicated to Syntonic Optometry-related training and research.

EASO is a subdivision of the Behavioural Optometry Academy Foundation (BOAF) and it runs a joint educational programme with the College of Syntonic Optometry (CSO) of the United States.

In Spain EASO is a subdivision of SIODEC and offers the same syllabuses and educational programmes with the total support and recognition of BOAF, thereby providing standardised training throughout Europe.

EASO’S syllabuses, basic 101 and 102 courses and its Fellowship Programme are recognised by the College of Syntonic Optometry (CSO).

Syntonic Optometry – Syntonic Phototherapy is a fast-acting, non-invasive procedure that consists of the therapeutic application of light through the visual system and involves administering specific bands of low-strength light through the eyes. This technique has been in clinical use in the field of Optometry for more than 80 years and has proven successful in treating visual and cognitive disorders, including strabismus, amblyopia, focusing and convergence problems, learning difficulties and the secondary effects of stress, traumatic brain injuries and emotional problems. 

List of EASO members