Adam Cegielski: “The passion for Behavioral Optometry, and the growth of this field in Spain, has not been seen in any market around the world. “

Adam Cegielski: “The passion for Behavioral Optometry, and the growth of this field in Spain, has not been seen in any market around the world.  “

Adam Cegielski is Founder, President and CEO of Eyecarrot.

Adam Cegielski is an entrepreneur with a background in biochemistry and global business experience spanning over 20 countries on 5 continents. His journey to revolutionize vision science through technology and data began with his son’s struggle with early developmental issues – reading, writing and basic motor functions.

Everything began for you when you were looking for ways to help your child read and learn better. What exactly happened so that you decided to create Eyecarrot? In what year was it created?

Eyecarrot was founded to bring attention to these issues, and to help those treating them by providing the tools necessary to bring treatment into the 21st century. A broader vision is vital in how we view the world around us, and we are focused on the importance of developing, protecting, and perfecting that vision.

What was the initial mission of Eyecarrot? What were the initial steps of the company? What products did you offer?

BinoviTouch de Ayecarrot

Eyecarrot’s goal is to power a global, data-driven, expert therapeutic network to transform how human Oculomotor Sensory performance is diagnosed, exercised andenhanced. The company has created Binovi, a universal, collaborative care platform that integrates software, hardware, data and the expert knowledge of vision care professionals to help patients on a global scale.

The Wayne Saccadic Fixator was the standard in sports performance and vision rehabilitation markets for over 40 years. With approximately 5000 traditional models currently in the market. Eyecarrot has re-engineered the Wayne Saccadic Fixator —an industry standard for over three decades to measure and improve visual memory, reaction time and peripheral vision training— to integrate it with our Binovi platform. Currently used in over 1,500 practices and offices in over 20 countries. We launched the new Binovi Touch in 2018.

Over the years, how has Eyecarrot evolved? Have you diversified your products and in what way has your initial mission evolved?

We have refined our product offering to not only include the standard hardware system but access to preset protocols, patient tracking and therapy assignment through our software platform.

What is the product most valued by Eyecarrot customers?

Our Binovi Touch Product Set, and Software.

BinoviTouch_Floating Eyecarrot

In which countries does Eyecarrot have the largest presence? Where is your main headquarters?

Our headquarters are located in Oakville Ontario Canada, west of Toronto, Ontario Canada. We hold the greatest presence within North America.

How many professionals make up Eyecarrot are enrolled in Eyecarrot products? In Spain how is many are involved?  

Over 1,500 practices utilize our products with 50 practices based in Spain.

How do you view Optometry in Spain? How could it improve and expand?

Optometry in Spain is one of the most unified and energetic markets we have ever seen. The passion for Behavioral Optometry, and the growth of this field in Spain, has not been seen in any market around the world.  I believe the ability to improve and expand is the same in Spain as it is in many other markets, and that is through technology that can make the everyday lives of Optometry Doctors, Therapists, and Patients easier.

How is the role of SIODEC perceived from the others in the profession?

SIODEC is perceived as one of the best run organizations globally.  The growth within SIODEC has been unmatched, and the quality of the conventions run in Spain have been incredible.

As a curiosity, did you succeed in your initial purpose to help your own child?

My son worked with Dr. Shirley Ha, who is located in Canada, and had the support of his mother to work him through all of the home therapy. He is now one of the top students in his class and has grown in confidence in ways we never expected; almost too confident now!


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